Global Restoration Project

The Global Restoration Project is an answer to the troubling questions of our time. How to take care of myself and my family; how do we staty safe? How to have food security? And so much more.

Practical wisdom tells us that in times of trouble, it takes a community  to stay safe and healthy. And that is just what we are building here. A collection of like-minded pioneer-spirited folks who are ready to not only weather the storm, but to thrive. 

This isn’t for everyone. This is for those who are willing to take responsibilty for themselves and their community. It’s for those willing to pitch in, help out,  get involved and roll up their sleeves. 

Restoration Health Care

The medical support branch of the Global Restoration Project is Restorative Health Care (originally known as Health Thyme). We use a medical approach that is patient-centered, science-based, and results-oriented to help people achieve and maintain excellent health.

Restorative Health Care helps people overcome health challenges by supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself, as it is always in the process of obtaining homeostasis (balance) and dis-ease is the result of that imbalance.

This model of health care addresses the causes of disease and dysfunction rather than suppressing symptoms. This is accomplished primarily through natural methods, with nutrition as a central focus.

Nona Hubbard, Founder

The Global Restoration Project was founded by Nona Hubbard.

Nona’s journey started with her enduring an acute unidentified condition. After the medical field gave up on her, she began a journey of discovery and recovery that grew into an Integrative, Complementary & Alternative Medicine degree, including a Master Medical Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapy and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. She has over 25 years of experience in her field and specializes in complex health issues.

Thus Nona found her answers and along the way, regained her vibrant full life, and gained the wisdom, training, and experience to bring this life-affirming style of health care to others. She founded Health Thyme’s Restorative Health Care because she was not the only one disillusioned with the state of the healthcare industry.

Nona Hubbard provides visionary and innovative leadership that leverages scientific, evidence-based clinical studies which provide efficacy for phytotherapy applications.

When the Pandemic hit, Nona saw the writing on the wall and started to make plans for stormy weather. This planning, preparation, community building, and thought leadership became the roots of the global Restoration Project. Because whether it’s a medical situation or a life situation, its not about “suppressing symptoms” or handing out fish, its about creating whole communities and mastering the art of fishing.